Graduate Certificate

The GCERT in Public Administration offers two 15-credit tracks: 1) public service leadership and (2) nonprofit management. Classes in both tracks may be counted toward the MPA, with some restrictions. Students wishing to move a certificate program into the MPA program must first apply and be formally accepted.

1) Public Service Leadership Track

This track is designed for individuals looking to better understand their public service organization. The certificate is also appropriate for those wishing to explore public administration prior to committing to the full MPA degree program. Requirements include:

I. Core coursework (9 credit hours)

  • PUBA 602: Introduction to Public Administration (3)
  • PUBA 603: Organizations: Theory and Change (3)
  • PUBA 604: Leadership and Ethics (3)

II. Elective coursework (6 credit hours)

  • Usually PUBA 606, 607, 608, or 609

2) Nonprofit Management Track

This track, which may be taken in conjunction with the MPA degree with some restrictions (*), provides the tools and framework necessary to meet the increasing challenges facing the nonprofit sector. The distinctive and interdisciplinary coursework draws students from diverse departments including social work, law, and business.

I. Core coursework (9 credit hours)

  • PUBA 604: Leadership and Ethics (3)
  • PUBA 630: Nonprofit Management (3)*
  • PUBA 631: Nonprofit Management Practices and Tools (3)*

II. Elective coursework (3 credit hours)

  • One PUBA course; outside course requires advisor approval

III. Practicum (3 credit hours)

  • PUBA 691: Nonprofit Management Practicum (3) (100 hours)

* Track requirements are currently under review and are subject to change.