NASPAA Requirements

General information about the degree (Program Fact Sheet)

Standard Requirement Note
7.1.1 a Degree title Master of Public Administration (MPA)
7.1.1 b Organizational relationship between program and university University of Hawaiʻi (System) >> University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa (Campus) >> College of Social Sciences (College) >> Public Administration Program (Program)
7.1.1 c Modes of program delivery In person instruction only.
7.1.1 d Number of credit hours MPA is a 39 or 42-credit hour program.
7.1.1 e Length of degree Accelerated (18 months), Full-time (2 years) Part-time (3 years).
.1.1 f List of dual degrees (if applicable) N/A
7.1.1 g List of specializations (if applicable) N/A
7.1.1 h Fast-track info (if applicable) Accelerated (18 months)
7.1.1 i Number of students (varies) An MPA cohort typically consisting of 15-20 students. Total enrolled MPA students is 38 as of Fall 2018.

Mission of the program (Standard 1)

Standard Requirement Note
7.1.1 j Mission statement Provided

Faculty (Standard 3)

Standard Requirement Note
7.1.1 k Number of faculty teaching in program Seven (7)
7.1.1 l Program faculty identified including credentials Click faculty photo for credentials.

Cost of degree (Standard 4)

Standard Requirement Note
7.1.1 m Tuition cost (in-state and out-of-state) Providing link to the source of information.
7.1.1 n Description of financial aid availability, including assistantships Provided

Admissions (Standard 4.2)

Standard Requirement Note
7.1.1 o Admission criteria Post pending review

Career services (Standard 4.3)

Standard Requirement Note
7.1.1 p Distribution of placement of graduates (number) Provided

Current students (Standard 4.3)

Standard Requirement Note
7.1.1 q Internship placement list (use list in standard 4) Provided (Internship = Practicum)

Graduates (Standard 4.3)

Standard Requirement Note
7.1.1 r Completion rate (Percentage of class entering five years prior to self-study year that graduated within 2 years and 4 years) Provided