NASPAA Requirements

General information about the degree (Program Fact Sheet)

7.1.1 aDegree titleMaster of Public Administration (MPA)
7.1.1 bOrganizational relationship between program and universityUniversity of Hawaiʻi (System) >> University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa (Campus) >> College of Social Sciences (College) >> Public Administration Program (Program)
7.1.1 cModes of program deliveryIn person instruction only.
7.1.1 dNumber of credit hoursMPA is a 39 or 42-credit hour program.
7.1.1 eLength of degreeAccelerated (18 months), Full-time (2 years) Part-time (3 years).
.1.1 fList of dual degrees (if applicable)N/A
7.1.1 gList of specializations (if applicable)N/A
7.1.1 hFast-track info (if applicable)Accelerated (18 months)
7.1.1 iNumber of students (varies)An MPA cohort typically consists of 15-20 students. Total enrolled MPA students is 55 as of Fall 2021.

Mission of the program (Standard 1)

7.1.1 jMission statementProvided

Faculty (Standard 3)

7.1.1 kNumber of faculty teaching in programSix (6)
7.1.1 lProgram faculty identified including credentialsClick faculty photo for credentials.

Cost of degree (Standard 4)

7.1.1 mTuition cost (in-state and out-of-state)Providing link to the source of information.
7.1.1 nDescription of financial aid availability, including assistantshipsProvided

Admissions (Standard 4.2)

7.1.1 oAdmission criteriaPost pending review

Career services (Standard 4.3)

7.1.1 pDistribution of placement of graduates (number)Provided

Current students (Standard 4.3)

7.1.1 qInternship placement list (use list in standard 4)Provided (Internship = Practicum)

Graduates (Standard 4.3)

7.1.1 rCompletion rate (Percentage of class entering five years prior to self-study year that graduated within 2 years and 4 years)Provided