Public Service Leadership Track

This professionally oriented Graduate Certificate in Public Administration (15 credits) track is designed for individuals looking to understand public service organizations better because they are currently working in the public sector or will interact significantly with various government agencies as part of their job. The certificate is also appropriate for those wishing to explore public administration before committing to the Master of Public Administration (MPA).


Core coursework (9 credits)

  • PUBA 602: Introduction to Public Administration (3)
  • PUBA 603: Organizations: Theory and Change (3)
  • PUBA 604: Leadership and Ethics (3)

Elective coursework (6 credits)

  • Usually, PUBA 606, 607, 608, or 609

Additional Notes

  • Up to 9 credits earned in the PUBA GCERT (Public Service Leadership Track) may be counted toward the PUBA MPA, or another graduate degree with some restrictions.
  • GCERT students wishing to move into the PUBA MPA program must first apply and be formally accepted.