Student Bio – Chetsada Changmai

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Chetsada Changmai
Chetsada Changmai

Chet is a second year MPA student, and is PASO’s co-Vice President!!

Why did you choose PUBA?

I chose UHM’s PUBA program because I have heard that it has a strong connection with the Hawaiian government, and Hawaii has such a distinctive government system and policy, including approachable lawmakers, low-key government officers, an animal preservation policy, a texting while crossing policy, etc. Additionally, I chose PUBA to expand my knowledge of how the U.S. government provides programs and services to serve the needs of its citizens equally and effectively. Furthermore, I chose the PUBA program because I want to be an ethical decision-maker, especially in the policymaking process, and I will bring this aspect and acquired skill sets from the program to develop public policy back in my home country, which is Thailand.

What is your favorite course experience so far?

Undoubtedly, my most cherished academic experience thus far has been Dr. Kagan’s PUBA 609: Policy Analysis and Implementation. Through this course, I have gained an extensive array of knowledge about public policy, the legislative branch and structure, associated agencies, policy analysis tools, and the policymaking process. The fact is that policymaking is never simple, effective policy making always involves public participation, and every policy must undergo a mandatory administrative process. Furthermore, this course featured a practical activity known as “Mock Hearing,” wherein participants simulated their testimonies before actual legislators at the Hawaii State Capitol Building. In my opinion, this activity stands out among the most distinctive I have participated in so far. To be honest, this is the most challenging yet thrilling course of the curriculum until now.

How do you believe your educational experience in PUBA will contribute to your career goals?

My PUBA education thus far has been extraordinarily beneficial and motivating in relation to my professional aspirations, as it has provided me with a variety of opportunities to gain professional experience. I aim to complete my practicum with the State of Hawaii in order to gain a deeper understanding of the American government structure, office culture, working environment, and public administration system. Moreover, the PUBA program has equipped me with practical skills and knowledge that I am certain to apply to both my internship and future professional careers with an international government agency.

What advice would you give prospective PUBA students?

Always seek opportunities to develop and grow professionally through PUBA’s connections and maintain an attitude of innovation.