Student Bio – Andrew Phomsouvanh

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Andrew Phomsouvanh
Andrew Phomsouvanh

Andrew is a second-year MPA student and is PASO’s newest communications officer!

Why did you choose PUBA?

I chose PUBA at UHM to develop expertise in government-public relations and managing the intersectionality of policy-making and policy implementation. I chose UHM’s PUBA program because of its mission to cultivate leadership skills while also encouraging one’s ability to adapt to changing/modernizing public service environments. 

What is your favorite course experience so far?

My favorite course experience so far would have to be PUBA 606 – PUBA Personnel Management with Dr. Yu. Through PUBA 606 I’ve learned about myself, my managing style, and things to pick up on in the workplace. Not too long after I finished PUBA 606, I had a real-life conflict at work, and all I kept thinking was “document, document, document” — and document I did! Additionally, the MPA Practicum gave me my first experience in the nonprofit sector, revealing the good work nonprofits do for the community. 

How do you believe your educational experience in PUBA will contribute to your career goals?

I aspire to a career that serves Hawaiʻi’s community, and I am confident that PUBA has given me the tools to be an effective public leader. Overall, I’ve learned that civic engagement and participatory governance are ways we can make real change in the community. 

What advice would you give prospective PUBA students?

“It’s not too early to start studying for the Midterm” – Dr. Yu (Spring 2023 — 3 weeks into the semester)