Gowun Park

Gowun Park

Assistant Professor

Duties begin Fall 2024


Prior to joining the doctoral program, I spent several years working in various nonprofit organizations, including a global health organization, foundation, community development financial institution, and social enterprises. The blending of these professional experiences motivated me to delve into the intricacies of organization management and policy studies within the realms of a business school and policy schools. Throughout the combined professional and academic journey, I have particularly pursued a holistic understanding of how nonprofits can improve their operational effectiveness and make meaningful contributions to our civic arena.


  • PhD, Public Policy and Management, University of Washington, 2023
  • MPP, Public Policy, University of Chicago, 2016
  • MBA, Business Administration, Boston College, 2012
  • MA, Comparative Politics, University of York, 2003
  • BA, Political Science and International Relations, Korea University, 2002


Nonprofit management, public-nonprofit partnerships, civic engagement and advocacy, and program evaluation.


My main research focus lies in exploring the complex interactions among institutional, community, and organizational factors that significantly contribute to the operational practices, strategies, and performances of nonprofits. I am also interested in multifaceted roles nonprofits play within civic spaces, intersectoral collaboration between government, business, and nonprofits, and evaluation of the impact of nonprofit programs. I study these topics not only in the U.S. context but also in the international context through cross-country comparative research to gain a comprehensive understanding of the influences of institutions and communities on nonprofits, crucial players in our civic arena.