Alumni Spotlight – Rachele Lamosao

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Rachele Lamosao
Rachele Lamosao

How has your MPA helped you?

My MPA has been integral in supporting my professional growth and development throughout my career pathway. The MPA program provided me with the necessary knowledge, information, and skills needed to manage program operations effectively and to develop a deeper understanding of public budgeting and governmental processes. The information and skills I developed through this program helped me to effectively manage a nonprofit organization as the communication director of the Hawaiʻi Farm Bureau. The program has also been foundational in my current capacity as a State House Representative for District 36, which includes being the Vice Chair of the House Committee on Economic Development and a member of the House Committee on Finance.

My MPA provided me with the foundational knowledge and skills needed to understand how to be an effective advocate and lawmaker to pass policies that support Hawaiʻi’s residents.

What is your advice for prospective or new students?

PUBA is a great program for everyone, whether you work in the public sector directly or not. The knowledge and skills I gained from the MPA program have been invaluable to me both professionally and personally, as it has allowed me to develop lifelong relationships and knowledge and skills that have been applicable across various sectors. It was through this program that I continued to work with fellow PUBAians who are doing great work in higher education and many local nonprofits.

Current Position

State of Hawaiʻi Representative