Student Bio – Sharon Baillie

Why did you choose PUBA?

I was looking to grow my understanding of public service and develop my leadership skills. I had several great conversations with Jaret, the prior Program Manager of PUBA who was super informative and great to speak to about the program. PUBA is also the only NASPAA-accredited program in Hawaiʻi, and that was a huge plus for me when choosing to pursue my graduate degree. I also really liked that the MPA classes were all at night, making it easier to work full-time and go to school full-time. It definitely worked with my schedule well.

What is your favorite experience so far?

I’ve really enjoyed being part of the Public Administration Student Organization (PASO). We’ve done a lot of great work giving back to the community and held some awesome career-learning events for our fellow students. I have developed a lot of great friendships through taking on leadership roles on the team.

What advice would you give prospective MPA students?

Reach out to the Program Manager and Graduate Assistants. They carry a wealth of knowledge and can answer any questions or concerns you may have about starting the program. The professors are all brilliant and care about the students’ success, they are the best resource to ask about the program.

Get involved! Participate in PASO activities, and attend the various events PUBA puts on featuring leaders in Public Administration. You will learn a ton and make lots of great connections this way.

How will the MPA help with your career goals?

The MPA will help me become a better leader and a changemaker in the community I serve. I’ve gained many skills during the last 2 years of the program which will allow me to do just that!

Sharon Baillie
Sharon Baillie