Student Bio – Moises Ayala

Why did you choose PUBA?

My career as a military service member influenced me to seek a deeper understanding of public service. I specifically selected this program because of the PUBA team’s responsiveness and professionalism in assisting me through the application process. The PUBA staff were always there to support me, which made me feel welcomed to the program.

What is your favorite experience so far?

It has been gaining a new perspective of public service beyond the military and working with many of my peers who are public servants or serve the community through their work in non-profit organizations.

What advice would you give prospective MPA students?

Do not hesitate to reach out to faculty and current students with any questions you may have about the program. Figure out your interest within the public or non-profit sectors and seek opportunities to further develop your knowledge in those areas.

How will the MPA help with your career goals?

The MPA program has better prepared me to transition from operational-level to organizational-level leadership, where I expect to work with military, civilian, and community leaders. Additionally, the experience gained from the program will enable my transition from a military leader to a public administration practitioner within the federal government.

Moises Ayala
Moises Ayala